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About The Book

Producing with Passion is about applying your entire being
to making a difference with your life and your life's work.
It's about building a community where people collaborate and share resources to turn a vision into reality. A team of individuals who share
a common vision, working together, can create media miracles.

A documentary film that reflects your true passion can have a lasting impact on the world, inspiring real social change. Producing with Passion offers a step-by-step guide for creating such a film.

Learn from the authors' 30 years of documentary filmmaking experience how to:

• Locate a truly original vision already living inside you
• Create a blueprint for your film
• Focus your intention throughout all phases of production
• Attract funding, an experienced crew, and a support network
• Interview and shoot scenes that will engage viewers
• Edit footage to weave together a compelling story
• Know when and how to finish your film
• Distribute and market your final product

Fadiman and Levelle are attuned to personal, financial, and technical challenges that
arise for any artist driven by authentic passion. As a result, they are able to offer insightful
suggestions on how to remain true to your vision while attracting and managing the talent
and resources you'll need to make a film that makes a difference.

ISBN-10: 1932907440
ISBN-13: 978-1932907445

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