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Review written by ROB GOALD

“A film that reflects your true passion can have an impact for generations. This book gives you the tools to envision, produce, and finish such a film. As a documentary filmmaker, you have the means to open people’s eyes and bring them into another world.”
So begins one of the most inspiring and informative books ever written about making films that have an impact on the world. Dorothy Fadiman, an Emmy Award Winner and an Academy Award nominee for “Best Documentary” along with Tony Levelle have divided their book into three parts: (a) Getting clear about your vision (b) Sustaining your intention as you produce the film and (c) Launching your finished movie.

The authors provide helpful advice on trusting your instincts to select a subject whose core idea will carry you through the challenges it takes to make a film. Advice on finding the key theme that helps define your project will allow you to create a more vibrant film. They discuss three of the main challenges to making a documentary film which are getting it right, getting it done and getting it out. Another helpful chapter explains preproduction and how to produce the unscripted documentary.

Fadiman and Levelle explain what it takes to create a well written proposal and they relate most poignantly that in raising money, people give money to people, not projects! Helpful advice on putting together a production team and the nuts and bolts of production are handled with the experience that 30 years of making documentaries will provide.

Interviewing, building the story, editing and feedback screenings are illustrated with helpful suggestions and practical advice. Finally, a chapter on finishing the film and how to move on to the next project are discussed. Several of the ending chapters deal with publicity and distribution. Helpful suggestions for dealing with PBS or the virtual world are included. Throughout this essential read for the serious documentarist the authors neatly tie up each chapter with key points and provide you with both the inspiration and knowledge to make your “heartfelt”, serious film a reality.

“This insightful work is ‘the handbook’ for any filmmaker who is thinking about producing a personal documentary. Fadiman’s films have made a difference and this book will show you, step by step, how your work can too. Producing with Passion is a must read for anyone setting out to make social change media.”





"One of the most inspiring and informative books ever written about making films that have an impact on the world…an essential read for the serious documentarist."
– Film Festival Today

"Progressive, and yet strategic... reading this book is equal to a Masters Degree in Communications."
— Peter Coyote, Actor/Author/Emmy Award–winning narrator

"Indispensable to those interested in documenting their own era or engaging with their own times."
—Marsha Kinder, Professor of Critical Studies, USC School of Cinematic Arts 

"THE handbook for anyone setting out to make social change media."
—Mitchell Block, author of Guide to Documentary Film Distribution,
member of the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences

"Regardless of your budget, this book will guide you through the process of bringing your vision to life."
— Kari Ann Morgan, MicrofilmmakerMagazine

"As the world gets smaller, it's the smaller films that make the biggest impact… an excellent guide that provides step by step support for
the novice documentary filmmaker."
— Catherine Clinch, Publisher www.MomsDigitalWorld.com

"Masters at the art of making films who are willing to share their experiences with us."
—Stewart Cheifet, Executive
Producer,  Director & Writer of over
one thousand programs for PBS

"Engaging with the world and wanting to affect its course is not just a goal, it’s a way of making films - and this is just the book you need to get you on the way."
Baptiste Charles
Reviewer for Raindance Courses


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